Software Capabilities


Intuitive interface guides the development and creation SAR packages

Metric tracking

Monitor the lifecycle of all your SAR packages (in work and historical). Easily track approval and resubmittals to ensure you stay approved

Manage the SAR Process from creation to submittal

All SAR data is kept updated in real-time in SimpleSAR

AI Assist

.pdf reading for Engineering Data Lists (EDL) and Repair Data Lists (RDL) Streamline Blueprint, Specification, Technical Data, Technical Order reviews

Expert Support is Available

Want the confidence of our experts along the way?  Engaging with our team of SAR provides personalized assistance to any member of your staff at any step within the SAR development process. 


Requesting and receiving support is easy within the SimpleSAR software platform.

SAR Development Support

 Our experts can provide Technical Assistance throughout the SAR package development process and Guide your team through specific steps.

Submission Review

 Apply our Experience through the Evaluation of your draft SAR package prior to Submittal to Validate that your package is Ready for submission.

DoD Technical Question Support

Take advantage or our Knowledge with support for submitted SAR packages and targeted responses to government SAR questions.