Let SimpleSAR get you qualified

An intelligent software and service platform designed to help you exceed the Government’s exacting SAR submittal standards

Increase SAR package approval rates

Achieve greater than 95% first-pass approval rate, 3x the industry average

Reduce resource effort

Increases the output of existing technical resources to meet expanding submittal needs

Reduce time to develop SAR packages

Reduce review time and streamline organizational handoffs

Remain Technically Acceptable to the Government

Remain in a competitive posture for both manufacturing and/or repairing components

High Return on Reduced Effort


Increase Average Contract Value (ACV)

Confidently pursue new business with a greater value

Increase the number of sales opportunities

Pursue a greater number of opportunities by casting a wider net and being postured for multiple contracts

Enhance SAR process knowledge

Prestart checklists and training modules to support organizational growth and development

Reduce Risk

Lower your cost to compete while increasing your chances of approval

Enabling an Industry

Together, SAPAC and Tsunami have launched SimpleSAR, an online SAR data management and SAR package development solution to greatly reduce the effort required to manage and submit SAR packages while increasing first pass approval and positioning our customers to compete for new DoD business.

SAPAC had a combined 35 years of developing SAR package requirements for the DoD before forming SAPAC to support industry.

For the past 11 years, SAPAC has a greater than 99% approval rating on their SAR packages

Tsunami Tsolutions’ has provided mission-critical software systems to Aerospace and Defense customers for over 20 years.

Tsunami specializes in developing secure, robust platforms hosted on .GOV cloud infrastructure compliant to NIST 800-171 / CMMC